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In this post we announce a new event organized at Lorenzo Vinci's loft (Viale Ortles 54A, Milan), a modern and exclusive location designed for private and corporate events of various kinds (see this article for other info).

An event for the American celebration of Independence Day: Lorenzo Vinci will be opening his loft Thursday, July 2nd at 8 pm to the American culture. It will be an enjoyable and interactive occasion, with refreshing beer to appreciate in this hot summer weather, accompanied by traditional American dishes. It will be a great evening to share in the celebration and meet with those spending the holiday abroad, along with the Italians! 

2nd July, Come to celebrate Independece Day at Lorenzo Vinci's loft, Milano
2nd July, Come to celebrate Independece Day at Lorenzo Vinci's loft, Milano

wine offer Americans

The menu for the evening will include:

Beef slider's 

Spicy chicken wings 

Mini hot dogs with crumbled nachos. 

It will be accompanied by a Lager beer! Guests will gain an interactive experience by helping Lorenzo Vinci Chef Nicolò Zambello to prepare an amazing meal to accompany this festive evening. Taste the finest of America at Lorenzo Vinci's, come to celebrate Independence Day with us.

We look forward to seeing you!

Note: the contribution for the event will be 20 Euro. For more information or booking, write to m.regaglia@vincifood.com and eventiatmilano@gmail.com

Paolo Vanadia


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